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Products & Services

Bruce Phos. Inc. is proud to offer the following high quality products:

Liquid Fertilizer


Agrium's fertilizer products provide growers with the essential nutrients they need to make their crops thrive so they can produce more high-quality food to meet the growing global demand.   Bruce Phos. Inc. is a dealer for UAN 28-0-0 and 10-34-0.

Nachurs Alpine Solutions was established in 1973 and is a leader in seed placed liquid fertilizer throughout Canada.  All of their starter fertilizers, including G22, are high in available orthophosphate to promote quick, early growth in all crops. They also manufacture and distribute a full line of foliar fertilizers as well as foliar and soil applied micronutrients such as zinc, manganese, boron, copper and molybdenum.

AgXplore manufactures and markets nitrogen management aids, specialty fertilizers, adjuvants and micronutrients that are proven to enhance farming applications.  They're farmers themselves, and use their own products to continuously monitor them for peak performance.

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Enduraplas® liquid management products combine exceptional design, durable materials and a relentless passion to innovate. Using decades of development and research, we make products with your application in mind. We know what works. That’s why our tanks feature thicker walls and higher-quality poly materials. Bottom line: we offer a superior solution for a wide range of uses, including liquid storage & transport, spray equipment, refueling equipment, and large-scale water storage & rain harvesting.

Novid Inc. is North America’s largest manufacturer of stainless steel liquid fertilizer storage tanks, with the highest standard of quality. Truly built to endure.

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Pattison Liquid Systems

Pattison Liquid Systems Inc. manufactures a full line of liquid fertilizer handling and application equipment that is designed and tested by farmers, including wagons, carts, liquid kits, pumps, and tanks.  Pattions is also a supplier of Banjo, John Blue, TeeJet, Raven, Sotera, Hypro & Duraproducts.


Through Nachurs Alpine, BPI sells and installs Wilger Visual Ball Flow Indicator (red ball) Kits for delivery of liquid phosphate through any type of seeding equipment right in to the seed row.  Alpine offers a rebate program on the purchase of the equipment when using their liquid fertilizer.

Inoculant Injection Kit

Through Alpine, BPI can offer the Alpine Injection kit which can be used to inject liquid inoculant or micronutrients right in to the seedrow along with your liquid starter fertilizer.


Liquid Handling products, services and systems, sold across North America and around the world.

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Bruce Phos. Inc. is proud to offer the following services:

Soil Sampling and Soil Test Interpretation

Bruce Phos. Inc. can do your soil sampling for you.  We use A&L Labs for our testing and will interpret the results and provide you with guidance based on the results and your goals and budget.  

A fertility management program based on soil testing benefits the farmer in many ways:

  • Improved yields and profitability from providing needed nutrients for the crop.

  • Increased uniformity of nutrient availability across a field, optimizing response to other management inputs.

  • More uniform crop growth, which makes individual plants more competitive with weeds and simplifies other management practices such as cultivation, spraying, etc.

  • More uniform plant maturity within a field, simplifying crop harvesting and drying and improving market quality.

  • Allocation of fertilizer dollars to the nutrients that will give the greatest increase in profit. 

Tissue Testing

Tissue testing is the measurement of essential nutrient content of plant tissue by lab analysis. This practice dates back to studies of plant ash content in the early 1800s, when chemists recognized relationships between yield and nutrient concentrations in plant tissues. Today, modern plant analysis is used primarily as a source of information on plant nutrient status and, ultimately, as a tool to aid in nutrient management decisions. Testing can:

  • Diagnose existing nutrient problems

  • Predict nutrient problems likely to affect crop production between sampling and harvest

  • Monitor crop nutrient status for optimal crop production

Once the nutrient status of a crop has been diagnosed, the information may be used to correct existing problems if time allows, or to help predict and prevent future problems.

Bruce Phos. Inc. can collect tissue samples from your fields for testing.  We use A&L Labs services and will use the results of the tests to provide you with guidance for a foliar nutrition program based on your production goals and budget that works with the timing of your spraying applications and crop development.

Agronomic Guidance, including Fertility Planning and Nutrient Management

Bruce Phos. Inc. has extensive experience with different agronomic practices in all parts of the crop production process and believes in giving the guidance that best suits the customers' needs and budget.  All guidance is based on our own trials, and experience, combined with constant professional development and education on the newest products and practices.  Our guidance is tried and true! 

Equipment set up advice

Our team, shareholders, and customers at Bruce Phos. Inc. have extensive experience with almost every piece of equipment out there and are willing to share their knowledge.  If you need help setting up equipment or troubleshooting, we can help. 

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